The Chinese government is currently constructing another airport to service the capital Beijing.  The new airport when completed in 2015 is expected to handle 120 to 200 million passengers a year.  That's twice or even three times the capacity of Heathrow, the current leader in passenger movements.

The new airport to be called Daxing airport will be located about 50 kilometers southwest of Beijing, in Nangezhuan, a village on the border of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province. The current major airport Beijing Capital Airport was expanded for the 2008 Olympic Games and is now nearing the limits of its current annual capacity of 75 million. .

Daxing airport will occupy an area of 54 square kilometers and will have nine runways.  A new expressway and a high-speed rail link is slated to be built to transport passengers from Daxing to Beijing in about 30 minutes.

China plans to increase its total number of airports from 175 to 230 over the next five years. The country is forecast to buy at least 4,300 new jet aircraft in the coming two decades. for more information.