Members of Civil Air, employed as Air Traffic Controllers by the Commonwealth Air Traffic Authority, Airservices Australia, have today lodged Federal Court against their employer.

The matters the subject of the court action have been issues that Civil Air has sought to pursue on behalf of its members via an independent process and negotiation since May 2009.

Civil Air deeply regrets that these matters could not be resolved through internal processes and that Air Traffic Controllers have been put in the position that they have had to resort to the court process to have their concerns adequately addressed. This process has taken a substantial toll on the individuals concerned and their families.

Civil Air expects and has always expected a high standard of appropriate employment management by Airservices Australia as a Commonwealth Authority. The Association is at a loss as to understand how the management of the organisation could fail to address these serious matters appropriately.

“The treatment that these employees have received in the workplace and during the process of investigating their complaints has effectively cost them their careers as Air Traffic Controllers.” said Peter McGuane, Executive Secretary.

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Peter McGuane, Executive Secretary             0412 538 336

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