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Civil Air, the Australian Air Traffic Control Association represents over 1100 ATCO's (Air Traffic Controllers), SSOs (Systems Support Officers) and FDCs (Flight Data Coordinators) and other support specialists.

We are a Government sector union, affiliated to the International Federation of Air Traffic Control Associations (IFATCA).

Civil Air was founded in 1949 and our membership is located in every state and territory of Australia. Civil Air is very proud to represent not only the interests of our membership, but the safety of the flying public.

We continually strive to improve and enhance aviation safety, and we proudly provide one of the safest and most efficient air traffic control systems in the world.

Each year, the men and women we represent will guide traffic over airspace representing a ninth of the earth's surface and along some of the busiest air routes in the world. They do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week and do it so well, the travelling public does not notice.

This applies to not only the controllers but the staff behind the scenes who ensure the controllers have the current and most accurate information to provide the service the public demands.
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